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In order to create highly individualized psychotherapy treatment plans without enforced restrictions from a third party, I do not participate with insurance providers directly.

Insurance providers reimburse for treatment with licensed physicians that are out of network. I provide an invoice that can be presented for reimbursement. The insurance provider can be contacted for details about their individual reimbursement

Cancellation Policy

Skipping sessions is injurious to the therapeutic process as it disrupts the progress made in previous session. This disruption often results in further alienating difficult feelings and concepts that are being addressed in therapy.

I ask that if you learn that you will not come to a scheduled session to let me know in advance. For greater than 24 hours notice, I make every attempt to find another suitable time to reschedule the session within 7 days. For less than 24 hours advanced notice, I bill for missed sessions and attempt to reschedule within 7 days.

For sessions that I will have to miss I provide notice as soon as I am aware of the situation.