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We strive for success. We want to be satisfied with our relationships, home, education, and careers. How we function as parents, professionals, students, and children is influenced by factors within us and outside of us. These factors result from a delicate interaction between our inherited traits, previous experiences and current circumstances. It is sometimes challenging to identify which of these factors optimize or interfere with our functioning. Our success depends on being aware of these factors, learning how to regulate their influence and ultimately learning how these factors influence our relationship with ourselves.


Psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapy offers a path to healthy emotional development and mental health maintenance. Psychoanalysis is a tool to understand why aspects of your or your child’s life are not the way you expect it to be. It’s a way to learn how your past experiences are influencing you and your child’s life now. It's how you can learn to control the influence of your life history, past circumstance, and the current situation so you and your child can be more successful at home, work, or school. Psychotherapy is the exploration of your hopes and fears with a professional guide. This is a courageous exploration that requires considerable emotional energy and time. The benefits of psychotherapy are multitude including overall increased satisfaction with relationships, productivity, creativity, physical health, and mental health.

As a physician trained in adult, child and adolescent psychiatry I work with my patients individually to promote a healthy psychoanalytically oriented exploration of themselves. I also work intimately with parents to help support the healthy emotional development of their children. I work with my patients and families intensely and create highly individualized pathways to achieve mental health maintenance and overall improved satisfaction with lives.


I see patients in my Haverford office by appointment only. Please contact me directly on my confidential phone (484) 381-0685. To maintain privacy and keep information secure I cannot communicate with patients via email.

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