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Dr. Tewari

About Dr. Tewari

My interest in the relationship of mental health and physical health led me to medical school. I graduated from Stony Brook School of Medicine in New York. There I learned about physical illness. I learned how almost all physical ailments have a psychological component. This psychological component is often the result of depression, anxiety, or conflict. I trained in adult psychiatry at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. During these years I was a member of the Hospital Ethics Committee and helped support families in complicated medical-ethical concerns.

I then completed a 2-year fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. My interest in minimizing medications in children led me to pursue supervision and education in psychotherapy. I tailored my education at Jefferson to ensure supervision from psychoanalytically trained physicians. There I learned about healthy emotional development in children and how to support families to maintain mental health and prevent mental illness. I worked with pregnant women, discussed anxiety and depression, and taught them how to best support themselves and their growing families. Afterward, I built upon this fund of knowledge by completing a two-year fellowship in Psychoanalytic Theory at the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia. This fellowship expanded my skills to break the cycle of depression and anxiety that is passed from generation to generation.

Jefferson University Hospital

Now, I implement my knowledge and help families in my Haverford office. I specialize in mental health maintenance and Mental Illness prevention. My goal is to help my community foster healthy emotional development. Anxiety, depression, and internal conflicts can prevent individuals from leading a successful healthy happy life and career. Mental health is the key to obtaining physical health, academic success, career satisfaction, and familial wellness. I work intensely with my patients to support them in achieving overall fulfillment from their lives.

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